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babysitting problems
Alicia was babysitting for a friend. Guess when you are tiny you aren't the one in control.

Drawn by the awesome rfswitched
He is awesome and you should check him out.
Alicia had woken up to the sound of her alarm clock. She yawned and stretched as she began to get excited. "Yes now to get ready to go to the haunting. I'm so excited," she said as she launched herself out of bed. She grabbed her alice in wonderland costume, her shoes, and most importantly her cushie diaper. She raced into the bathroom and showered faster then she ever had before. So fast to the point of getting soap in her eye, "ow ow ow."
She rinsed off, dried off, and then laid out the diaper. "Alright tonight's the night," she kept saying to herself as she powdered and diapered herself like many times before. Her friend collien was going with her dressed as the Cheshire cat, a perfect combination Alicia thought to herself. Once the diaper was snug she threw the dress over her head and yanked it down onto herself. It fit perfectly as she custom ordered it months ago.
Once the dress was on, tied up in the back she pulled on her shoes. They were just like alice's from wonderland. She giggled while she ran down the stairs hearing the familiar crinkle of her diaper as she ran to her car. Once inside she speed down a few streets as she headed toward collien's home.
She pulled into the drive way and jumped out of her car. "Collien! Are you ready?" She yelled as she walked quickly up to the door. No response came. Puzzled Alicia knocked on the door, still nothing. "Collien! Come on we are going to be late. You know what rhe lady said! I'd meet my true love there, I don't want to be late!" She yelled, banging on the door. She heard movement this time and smiled hoping collien was just playing a joke on her.
She watched the door as she heard it unlock and a tired looking collien stood behind it. "Hey Alicia, what's up?" She said not even noticing that her friend was dressed in her costume, and that she herself was just in her pjs.
"Collien! Why aren't you dressed for the haunting!? We are suppose to be headed there right now!" Alicia said, her eyes beginning to tear up a bit as she got upset.
"Oh right, give me five minutes alicia I'll be ready," she said as she shut the door and proceeded to get ready.
"this isn't happening, I'm going to be late, then I'll miss him, then I'll never have true love, and I'll be a lonely cat lady forever," she said to herself as she paced outside her friends home, her tears hiding behind her green eyes for the perfect moment.
"Oh calm down alicia, he'll be there..the psychic lady said so," collien said as she walked out dressed in her skin tight Cheshire cat suit, ears and tail included. Alicia ran to the car as did collien and they were off.
It was a good hour long drive but it was worth it, thought alicia. She was now standing in line to get into the haunting, her eyes darting every which way as she scanned every guy she saw. "No, not him, not him either. Collien what if we missed him?" She asked her friend. Collien only smiled "Alicia relax, he'll be here. I'm not gonna worry about it since I'm just looking for someone to hang with after you and your lover leave me." She giggled a bit as she noticed a guy wearing spartan armor for a costume winked at her, she returned the wink with a smile. That was when they both heard him, "hello alice, I see you are in need of some tea." Alicia turned to see who had said that, and instantly stopped when she did. Her heart skipped a bit as this tall man with golden brown eyes looked at her with a glint in them. She stood there as her brain tried to formulate even a syllable to say to this handsome man, then it hit her like a freight train....

a haunted meeting (2)
This is part two of the three part series. Decided on how it should go so here it is.
Tony had awoken late to the sun shining through his window. He yawned, covering his eyes. "Why do I need to go to this haunted house anyway?" He asked to no one in the room.
He stood, stretching out at his 6 foot height, his frame that of a bean pole made of metal piping. He looked at his watch and shrugged. "Well might as well be late anyway" he said as he began to get dressed. He pulled on his signature blue jeans that he kept nice and folded up, a plain tan t shirt and his boxers that he was wearing the night prior. He always showered in the evening so he had massive bed head that made his brown strings tangle every which way. He combed his hair and ran out the door, barefoot as he normally did and later would put on a pair of slip on shoes.
This haunted house he was told of only opens once before Halloween and his buddies paid him to go. He didn't much care for going but fifty bucks wasn't to bad though to pass up. So he drove there, wondering just what his friends had picked for him out of there costumes. He thought that they might pick the mad hatter from alice in wonderland as it was something they had on hand from a year or so ago. He couldn't quite remeber nor did he care.
Once he arrived he didn't see any of his friends, he was concerned but quickly relived himself of the feeling. Instead he saw a box where he was told to park with his name on it. He parked next to it and opened the box, "just as I figured. The mad hatter." He chuckled a bit before putting on the costume, he felt ridiculous, "everyone else is dressing up, might as well join them."
Once done he walked inside and instantly saw something he just couldn't look away from. There in line was a short girl, about 5 feet tall or so if he had to guess wearing an alice costume, beside her a friend of about 5'6" tall wearing a Cheshire cat costume was chatting with her. He couldn't help himself and needed to know more of who this red head alice was. He walked up behind them and taped her on the shoulder "hello alice, I see you are in need of some tea?" He said mentally kicking himself for saying something so cheesy. He waited what seemed like an eternity for her to speak...

Continued in part 2.
a haunted meeting
Part one of a either two or three part story of how alicia meets tony.
Name: alicia star
Gender: female
Height: 5 foot 6 inches before shrink, 4 inches after.
Hair color: naturally red but she dyes it blonde.
Eye color: emrald green (eye disorder that seems to give her a nice eye color.) She does wear glasses now and again.
Back when alicia was young around four she was placed into foster care. She was still not potty trained and given to a nice family they let her learn at her own pace. Once she was seven she finally got out of diapers but she longed for them in the years to come. When she was 17 she put on her first adult diaper and loved it. This lead her to meet her boyfriend tony. She met him when he was 19. She moved in with him shortly after a being together for a year.  Once together they began to do all kinds of things together, one of which was watching movies on his grandfather's old tv. One night they were watching horror films, alicia being hungry asked tony to make her popcorn. He obliged heading to the kitchen. During this time lightning struck the old antenna on the house causing the tv to short out and glow weirdly. Alicia concerned but mesmerized sat there waiting for the tv to go back to the movie, It never did. Instead she began to shrink and became worried, but there was nothing she could do. Once it was over she was left in a pile of her clothes including her diaper. Tony returned concerned when he heard her screaming from shrinking. He fished her out and promised to care for her like he had always done before. Now two years later alicia has grown accustomed to her new world and even does some therapy work on the side, granted she does this through Skype as to keep her true size under wraps.

There we go if I missed something important let me know.
alicia backstory
This is my oc's back story on how she likes diapers and is shrunk. It'll be brief but hey it works.


United States
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hey everyone!
i'm finally bored to the point where i'm going to make a deal.
you make me a art piece of my chooseing. i'll specify in a note. and i'll write you a story with your oc's or any other person in it, and your story line.
open now!
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